Izzy's Homeschool Materials

Speedy Catch up for Reading and Spelling after Covid-19 Lockdown Time.

Ideal for everyone teaching children individually or in small groups.


Hi, I'm Izzy - I help children learn how to read and spell.

Are you fed up with screen time for your children's learning?

Why not try teaching children their sounds with fun card games, stories and colouring sheets?

These are available in Teach your Child How to Learn Reading and Spelling Book 1 and 2.

The games are easy to print, cut out and play in the accompanying Games Books.

There are the free videos below to show you how to play the games.

Say goodbye to the meltdowns and resistance.

Children love playing games.

Using my materials… then I often see a child’s reading age go up by one and a half years in a school term.

One child quickly learnt and could recognise all the sounds in the story of the town mouse, and her reading age improved by two years in two weeks.


How To Become A Super Speller Quickly:

Build Your Child's Self Confidence & Relax


How To Learn To Read & Remember Words Easily


Helping Young Children To Learn Word Meaning


These techniques are all expanded and explained step by step, in my eBooks : "Teach your Child How to learn - a step to genius Reading and Spelling"