A Memory Enhancement System For Children To Use Daily

Children need a system to help them remember what they need to take to school and what homework they must bring back daily.

A fun game you can play with them when you go shopping is the game below and then they can use the system they have learnt to remember what they need to take and bring back from school.

We can easily have a written to do or shopping list but to improve memory try using the system outlined below yourself and with your children.

Try using your fingers or if you prefer your toes, as a system to remember what you need to do during the day or what you need to buy.

  • Using your fingers, take the thumb of your left hand, palm facing upwards and consider that number one. Choose something that has the shape of a number one like a paint brush, drum stick, cricket bat or pencil.
  • Imagine the chosen object in miniature on the pad of your left thumb visually and add what you need to buy in miniature onto that paint brush like a bunch of bananas.
  • Your index finger could have an imaginary snake in the shape of a number two on it.
  • You keep the basic list like the paintbrush and the snake permanently.
  • I have imaginary bear’s ears on my third finger.
  • An imaginary sail of a boat on my ring finger.
  • An imaginary fat French Policeman on my baby finger.
  • These imaginary items are in colour on the pads of my fingers and they never change. The shopping list changes daily. You can make up your own numbers for 6 to 10 and then attach items to your permanent list.
  • Have fun going shopping using this memory enhancement system. Put your shopping list on your fingers and see how many items you can remember to buy.
  • You can use your toes, start with your baby toe on your left foot and make up another list for yourself. Try using an imaginary drum-stick for number one instead this time.
  • Use both fingers and toes to increase the number of things you can remember.
  • Imaginary items on your fingers could be for work or school lists to remember and toes for home to do lists perhaps.

Children can use numbers one to five to remember what they need to take to school and six to ten for items they need to bring home.

This memory enhancement method works well with practise and can be adapted for so many uses for adults as well as children.