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May 3, 2018
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September 1, 2018
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A Programme to Teach and Give Children Emotional Intelligence


A Primary School Programme  to teach and give children emotional intelligence and ameliorate children’s mental health. It could also reduce obesity in children who were already overweight.

Some colleagues and I are getting together to create an easy to use programme that could be taught on an inset day in primary schools. The teachers could then use it in their classes. It would only take a few minutes a day and would settle the children into the day’s routine. Parents could also use this programme.


If you have any suggestions of what you have tried and found beneficial with children please email them to me?


I got the idea from Jeremy Hunt at a gathering in Kensington recently while he was still health minister.

I understood him to be saying that he wanted to get help for children in the areas of mental health and obesity in the schools before the children were eleven  years old.



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