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I want children to be able to learn easily, to have access to learning, and enjoy reading, writing and spelling.

After my two sons, Peter and Edward were born, I became interested in all aspects of child development. With the knowledge I gained, they both flourished at school and at home. I now offer what I discovered to parents who are searching for effective ways to support their children’s learning and development during their school years.

My younger son, Edward, had reading difficulty and started needing help with spelling at school when he was six. I remember trying to teach him to spell one word and after an hour practicing it, he still couldn't remember it. I thought that there must be an easier way to learn and remember spellings and there is, with memory tricks and fun, spelling games.

Often older children, who believe that they can’t spell well, have surprised themselves and within a few minutes of learning the spelling technique, have been able to spell hieroglyphics forwards and backwards correctly from memory. I often see an improvement of one or two years in the child's reading age in a school term and a year in the child's spelling age in a school term.

I asked friends with dyslexia for their dyslexia strategies. I started giving workshops for parents and teachers in 2010, and I developed the material from my teaching and the workshops. I have refined this material in my eBooks "Teach your child how to learn - a step to genius, Reading, Writing Spelling" eBooks 1 and 2. So all children and especially those who find learning difficult or it is their second language can learn easily from the material.

The books, games, short stories and colouring sheets are used by parents and teachers on a one-to-one basis and in small groups when teaching foreign children English.

I qualified and started working with children as a Dyslexia Therapist in 1994. I am also qualified as an Autogenic Therapist, an NLP Practitioner and have been trained in the visual and auditory perceptual fields as well as well as being an EFT Master Practitioner.

Qualifications :: Hornsby Dip. Dip. A.T.(Autogenic training). N.L.P. Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner
Membership :: As well as British Autogenics Society BAS

Izzy also works with children who have difficulties in the Visual And Auditory Perceptual Fields.

Izzy was a School Governor of a London Day School from 2008 to February 2013.

Parent's Reviews:

Working through Izzy’s system of the Town Mouse with her, my son and I found it very useful and in six months his reading ability went up by three years. We are a Turkish family whose second language is EnglishHulya Akgun

My seven-year-old daughter, Lucy, found spelling really hard. It just didn't come naturally and, despite our best efforts with the look, say, cover method, it didn't sink in. We turned to Izzy's method of learning words by stories. We put in the effort to learn them, which was perfectly manageable, and, gradually, the words' sound started to make more sense to her. Nine months later, my daughter has begun to spell with new confidence and with more of an instinct for how a word is likely to turn out. I highly recommend Izzy's method.Emma Jones

Why I teach children who find Reading, Writing or spelling difficult: