Calm Confident Children

This programme is for Primary School Classrooms and it is called “Calm Confident Children” 

It is in line with the current emphasis on children's mental well-being.

It supports children with daily core exercises to develop skills they can use independently to build self-esteem, concentration, attention and find motivation to learn effectively.

Parents can also use these exercises with their children.

The programme develops over a six-week period, (a half term.) It is easy, practical and enjoyable. It takes around 5 minutes daily for Reception to Year 2 with slightly longer daily sessions for Years 3 to 6. Years 5 and 6 incorporate exam revision tips.

The videos below will show you how to teach the exercises.

Video 1 - Core Exercises

Video 2 - Additional Exercises

Notes on the videos:-

The first video demonstrates the core exercises you can use from Reception to Year 6.

The second video demonstrates additional exercises that you can use from Class 2 upwards.

Further exercises are added week by week when the core exercises have been taught. The written rationale for the core exercises from Reception to and including Year 6 is available on request.

The names of the exercises for Reception are:

  • Squeak Babble and Shake
  • Silent Statue
  • Soothing Breathing
  • Imagine
  • Beautiful Butterfly Wings
  • Gentle Finger Tapping
  • The Sparkling Ball
  • A Big Stretch
  • Recognising Emotions

If you would like to discuss anything further, I recommend that you watch the videos and then contact myself (Izzy Harrap) for a free ten minute telephone consultation.

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