Calm Confident Children

With covid-19's interruption of schooling and children being unable to interact with their friends, why not introduce children to Feeling Wobbly? Ask Fizzy to Magic it Away to help them feel better.

Fizzy, Bobo, Squeaky and Leo's antics help children regain calm and confidence.

Although the book has been written for 4 to 8 year olds, its recommendations help de-stress all ages, I use the exercises myself.

You can download the draft PDF below for free of Feeling Wobbly? Ask Fizzy to Magic it Away

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"It is a fun, funny and fizzy book to help children through these difficult times. I find Fizzy's exercises brilliant when I'm feeling wobbly."

Bella (Aged 10)

For further support you can use my more extensive programme: Calm Confident Children.

It is in line with the government's recommendations for mental health for children and suitable for Primary School aged children.

Some of the exercises are demonstrated in video 2 below.

Video 1 - Core Exercises

Video 2 - Additional Exercises

Notes on the videos:-

The first video demonstrates the core exercises you can use from Reception to Year 6.

The second video demonstrates additional exercises that you can use from Class 2 upwards.

Further exercises are added week by week when the core exercises have been taught. The written rationale for the core exercises from Reception to and including Year 6 is available on request.

The names of the exercises for Reception are:

  • Squeak Babble and Shake
  • Silent Statue
  • Soothing Breathing
  • Imagine
  • Beautiful Butterfly Wings
  • Gentle Finger Tapping
  • The Sparkling Ball
  • A Big Stretch
  • Recognising Emotions

If you would like to discuss anything further, I recommend that you watch the videos and then contact myself (Izzy Harrap) for a free ten minute telephone consultation.

Izzy Harrap (07743592417)

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