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Delicious Low Sugar Blueberry Yogurt

This recipe contains much less sugar than the fruit yogurt you can buy and it takes less than a minute to prepare.

Put the amount you want to eat of Alpro Simply Plain Yogurt into a bowl and add one teaspoon of freeze dried blueberry powder.

You can buy this from .
Add 5 few drops of stevia or more depending on how sweet you like your fruit yoghurt to be.
Stir in the blueberry powder into the yogurt  as well as the stevia.

It’s absolutely delicious.

You can make two more variations, one with freeze dried raspberry powder and the other with freeze dried strawberry powder available from the same address.
However it’s best to put a teaspoonful of raspberry or strawberry powder through a sieve before you add it to the yogurt so that you’re not eating the raspberry or strawberry seeds.
That is unless you enjoy the crunchy taste. I trust you will have  fun making this recipe.

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