Help Kids with Hyperactivity and ADHD to Turn their Negatives Comments of “I can’t” into “I can.”

Before we learn any new skill, start any lesson or do homework, to get the best results we need to see ourselves as being good at that subject. As being a good reader, writer, speller, good at math, science, history and so on.

Our attitudes and beliefs are created by what we tell ourselves. This then affects what we do, and to avoid doing something we don’t like we can become hyperactive.

If we tell ourselves that we cannot learn or do something, often our minds convince us that this is true, and switch off rather like turning off a computer.

However, when we find work hard, if we say, “I will have a go” our mind helps us to work it out, and this leads us to a successful outcome.

The negative comments we hear children make stop them from doing what they say they can’t do and tend to come into three categories:

  • I’m hopeless at (Math) – relates to how we see ourselves perform at a particular subject.
  • I can’t (do comprehension) – can be about not understanding the process that they need to use when learning or doing something. Therefore they compare themselves to how much faster/better others learn.
  • I won’t or I don’t want (do homework) – is usually about needing more time to play. If you can change what they are learning into a game or give them a small reward. They may be happy to have a go and do the homework or whatever they are refusing to do.

My video below explains the three categories in more detail and shows you how to change attitudes and beliefs into more positive ones.

It also shows you how to use the “Ladders sheet” in my E-Book Izzy’s Reading and Spelling – E-book 1 as a fun game to turn your child’s negatives comments like “I can’t” into “I can”. You can make your own ladders sheet otherwise.