Help Kids With Spelling Playing The Game “Be A Star”

“Be a star” is a kids spelling game to play after they have learnt the Alphabet Sounds and they are moving on to the next stage of learning the blends.

Watch how to play the game on the video below.

Start off playing the game with a few blends at a time as shown in the video and have fun playing this kids spelling game of “Be a Star.”

On the cards, there is a picture of a star with the letters “st”. Your child makes the word and then remembers the picture and the word they have made.

Try and make sure your child knows the meanings of these blend words below as well as how to spell them. Make sure your child imagines a picture of the object to remember its meaning by and sees the letters as well, in their imagination, saying the letters under their breath at the same time.

Here is a list of the blends to use.

bl      blue               br     brown             cl     clip

cr      crimson        dr     drum              dw   dwarf

fl        flower            fr      frog                 gl   glass

gr      green              pl     plum                pr   prince

sc      scooter          sh    ship                  sk      sky

sl       slide               sm   smoke             sn    snake

sp      Spain             st    star                    sw  swan

tr       train               tw    twin                 scr   scribble

shr     shrub            spl   splash              spr    spring

squ   squirrel          str     stream

Place alphabet cards in order in a semi-circle in front of the players.

You can make all the cards for the alphabet and this game yourself or buy them in my E-Book, Izzy’s Reading and Spelling – E-book 1