How To Become A Super Speller

Children and pupils need to believe that they are good spellers. They have to value the importance of spelling in their life at a level of 8 out of 10.

It is essential they make spelling interesting and fun for themselves.

Once the above is in place, the technique to become a super speller will be far easier for children and pupils to learn.

Here are some tips you can use:

• Break the word up into chunks.
• The children then need to choose their favourite cartoon character and colour.
• They have to imagine their favourite cartoon character up on a blank wall, slightly to their left or imagine the cartoon character on a screen in their mind’s eye with their eyes closed.

It is also vital that the children then say the sounds or letter names out loud, tracing the letters as they are putting them on this imaginary screen, letter by letter in their favourite colour.

When they can say the letters correctly, they can write the word down and then they can have a go at spelling it backwards verbally. This is just to show that they are using their visual memories in the learning process.

Do not get the children to spell backwards once you know that they are using their visual memories, just remind them of the process.

See this video below for more: