Improve spelling for children using the Town Mouse Game

The Fun Family Town Mouse Game is an excellent fun way for your child to learn and remember the harder letter sounds, which are to be found on the page here.

Your child can then write the sounds on the pictures e.g. write “ou” on the mouse and colour it in, in green, at the same time as saying the sound out aloud, over and over again.

Then using the cards I mention in the video below, you can play the game “Pairs” with them.

The “Pairs Game”:

This is a fun game that will allow your child to remember the harder sounds grouped together – which will really help their spelling.

Please see the video below for how to play this game:

The way you play this is as follows:

Using the cards from game 2:1 and game 2:2 – as shown in the video above, and also found in my second ebook, called “Izzy’s Reading and Spelling – E-book 2” – player number one turns over two cards saying the letters, sound and words out loud of the two cards that they have turned e.g. “o, u, ow” for mouse and “o, i, oi” for coin.

Then player number two turns over two new cards and repeats the process.

Player number two can make a pair, if one of their cards has the same letters, sound and word as player number one’s card e.g. “o, u, ow” for mouse.

Player number two can then say “mine” and remove the pair from the table and keep it.

You can play the games using cards from games 2:2 and 2:3 (also found in my second ebook) and for a more challenging game use the two sets of game 2:3.

Turn two packs of the cards face down, spread out on the table, and each player turns up two cards, in turn, saying the letters, sound and word out loud of the two cards that they have turned e.g. “o, u, ow” for mouse and “o, i, oi” for coin.

Depending on which pack you’re playing with, the cards are then turned back face down again and you have to remember their letters, sound and word and where they are on the table.

The next player turns over two other cards, if the first one is the same, even if it only has the letters written on it, as the previous player’s card e.g. “ou.” This player tries to remember where the first player’s card is, turns it over and says its sound out aloud.

Then that player can take the pair off the board and keep it. It is a different version of playing the “Pairs” game.