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Welcome to my first newsletter, thank you for taking the time to read it.

This is fun time, hopefully achieving great results for your child.

When my children were growing up, I would have enjoyed an e-book like this one. I could have had a great time playing the games with them, and letting them enjoy the colouring sheets. This would have helped my children learn quickly and easily. It would have saved me many hours researching the techniques, strategies and games, which I now have done. This is the reason for the book.

I have watched children enjoying themselves trying to say the sounds faster than I do on the video.

Ask your child to play one of the games in the e-book with you. Make sure that they win the first game and see what fun you have together.

I know how busy you are at the beginning of term. Watching the video is a quick way of understanding the techniques mentioned in the e-book.

Start by choosing one of the techniques shown on the video. For example reading with the book above your child’s eye line, put that technique into practice, daily, for a few weeks and see what difference it makes to your child’s reading ability. Make sure that your arm is comfortably propped up on a cushion or if your child is reading on their own, that their arm is propped up, comfortably, so that they can read easily.

Watch your child enjoy realising their potential.


My ebooks can be found here.

Izzy Harrap. Hornsby Dip. Dip AT. NLP Practitioner. AMT Master Practitioner.


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