Learn more letter sounds

Take time and explain the following to your child:

The vowels are the letters a, e, i, o and u.

Vowel combinations are usually two vowels together for example “au” as in sauce.

When two vowels are put together, they sound different from what they sound like when they are on their own e.g. “au makes the sound or”.

Here is the list of sounds your child needs to use while watching the video.

Ask your child to say the additional sounds out aloud as they watch the video. Recognising these sounds is essential to reading fluently:

oy                 ai                  u..e               ui           

ou                 ck                 oi                  th          

ea                 sh                  qu                 ph        

ce                 oo                 au                 igh      

e..e               ow                ay                 ue    

ie                  a..e               ew                oa          

eigh              ey                 i..e                ee         

o..e               aw                ch                 y          ore