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March 24, 2017
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Making revising languages fun for exams

This newsletter is about making revision for languages you will have exams in fun and easy to revise. Languages such as French, Spanish, Latin and German etc

I have chosen French as an example.

I recommend when revising vocabulary that you choose a favourite cartoon character for each language say Tin Tin for French.
You then choose the colour blue for masculine words “Le” words and red for feminine words “La” words, In this way when you are revising you imagine them, draw them or write them out in those colours so it is easier to remember them.
Say you are learning with the word “La table” you would learn it in red, then imagine or draw a tiny, red table next to “La table” that so that you don’t have to remember long lists of boring vocabulary.

To remember verbs I recommend choosing another colour, green perhaps and have your cartoon character do the actions of the verb. So the verb “lire” to read, Tin Tin would be reading a book and “il lit”, he reads, written in your imagination next to Tin Tin and the book.

You can also use darker green for past tenses and paler green for future tenses and have a timeline where you put Tin Tin in the middle for the present tense, “he reads” and move him forwards and move him forwards for the future “he will read” move him along the imaginary line. Backwards for “he was reading” and further back along the line for “he read” and “he had read” all in your imagination or if you like drawing you can draw it.

Please remember to learn with your book and notes just above your eye line and slightly to the left. Say what you are learning out aloud as you revise it. 90% of people have their visual memory’s position top left. This enables the information you are learning goes to go straight into your visual memory and when you need to retrieve it look up to the same spot and imaging Tin tin and it should be there to retrieve along with what you said out aloud.

Good luck with your revision.

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