Memory enhancement tricks to improve studying and learning

Try using these fun four memory tricks below.

Memory Enhancement Trick number one – Learn in a relaxed state.

It is far easier to learn when you’re in a relaxed state so please watch my video entitled “How to help your child relax and build their self-confidence.

For learning or revising, do not stretch or take a deep breath as recommended at the end of my video. Just open your eyes and have the material to hand and read it above your eye line. Later test yourself and see how well you have retained the information from what you read.

Memory Enhancement Trick Number two – Learn to group information together

Revision is easier to learn and retain, if we group the information together.

If you think of all the animals you know. It’s far easier to recall them if you think of them in groups. Such as pet animals, wild animals, farm animals, animals living on different continents from Africa, India, Australia, the Arctic or Antarctic etc than to just randomly say out aloud all the animals you can remember and running out of steam.

Try grouping animals alphabetically, beginning with “A” for antelope, alligator, aardvark, ant-eater beginning with “B” bat, buffalo, bear, bird etc.

It does not matter what grouping system we use as long as we have one.

We need a different grouping system for each subject we are learning. You could use, draw or make an imaginary map of the world for geography. A time line for history. An imaginary picture book that links everything together for French, having a page for each subject grouping the vocabulary.

Memory Enhancement Trick Number three – make learning fun

I recommend having a fun favourite cartoon character to attach all the information to do in your imagination because it’s been much easier to recall information if you are having fun.

Try and get your imaginary cartoon character to learn along with you, or do the actions you are learning about. You could imagine your cartoon character teaching you Maths from an imaginary interactive board.

Memory Enhancement Trick Number four – Believe in yourself and your good memory

Believe that you have a good memory and can learn and retain information easily.

Congratulate yourself on what you have remembered.

Go over the information you are learning, three days running and once the following week so that the information is stored in your long-term memory.