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New Data Protection Regulations and My Crisps Recipe

I am giving you the home-made crisps recipe taken from my amazon Kindle ebook Izzy’s Easy 5 Minute Sugar Free Snacks by Elizabeth Harrap on ASIN: B07BBY131 in this newsletter.

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Crispy Delights …all crunch – sweet potatoes, parsnips, and carrots – gluten free, egg free, milk free, no added sugar, low fat, low salt

Ingredients for a taster

 4 thin slices of peeled sweet potato

 4 thin slices of a peeled carrot

 4 thin slices of a peeled parsnip


Larger quantities if you like the tester

 ½ sweet potato

 1 carrot

 ½ parsnip

 1 sheet of non-stick baking parchment, with no foil.


Take the oven shelf out of the oven and put a piece of parchment paper on it. Peel the skin off a sweet potato with a safety peeler and discard it. Then start peeling the sweet potato with your safety peeler then lay the pieces on the parchment paper.

Put the sheet and oven shelf in a fan oven that is preheated to a temperature of 230 degrees and turn the oven off.

Wait 35 minutes before you remove the parchment paper from the oven and your crisps are ready to eat.

Either eat them immediately or put them in  anairtight re-sealable bag or box.

You can make these crisps with peeled parsnips, however you need to cut the hard core of the parsnips out and discard it after you have peeled the outside skin of the parsnip and discarded it. You can make these crisps out of peeled carrots as well.

I haven’t succeeded in making crisps with ordinary potatoes yet, as I find they don’t dry out sufficiently and I find the crisps don’t work if you slice them in a blender. They only work if you slice them finely with a potato peeler. I haven’t tried using a mandolin yet.

If the crisps don’t dry out completely, you can put them in a microwave oven on medium for 30 seconds on to crisp them up. I find if I cook them completely in the microwave oven, they don’t taste nearly as good as cooking them in the fan oven.

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