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One Minute Homemade Lemonade, naturally sweetened with no added calories


One Minute Homemade Lemonade, naturally sweetened with no added calories.

Please watch my video on

You can see just how easy it is to make.

Cut a medium-sized lemon in half and squeeze it.

Place a small strainer on top of the glass and pour the lemon juice into it.

Shake the bottle of stevia drops and add one and a half squeezes of the top of the bottle.

One squeeze producers about 10 drops this makes 15 drops all together.

Then add sparkling water and it’s ready to drink.

You can add still filtered water if you prefer that instead.

If you like things really sweet, you may want to add two squeezes instead of one and a half.

You can also make this recipe with oranges and grapefruit.

For orangeade proceed exactly the same way as stated in the recipe above for lemonade.

If you use a red grapefruit it is smaller than the usual grapefruit and easier to squeeze on the lemon squeezer.

The grapefruit needs a little more sweetening with around 20 drops of stevia that is two squeezes from the bottle.
Then add the sparkling water.

You can make a batch of lemon juice, orange juice or grapefruit juice with stevia drops in the mixture without adding any sparkling water and pour the separate juices into ice cubes. Freeze them and when you want to make a glass of lemonade, orangeade etc pour sparkling water into a glass, add an ice cube and let the ice cube melt.
Each ice cube should contain the juice of half a lemon or orange.

I buy the bottle of stevia drops from Amazon or Baldwins and Co



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