Reduce ADHD & Hyperactivity With Relaxation and Building their Self-Confidence

Follow the step by step process in the video below.

Why not try this relaxation method for yourself as well.

The way of relaxation described in the video is important because apart from the benefits of relaxing, it builds your child’s self-esteem, concentration and easy sleep at bed-time. It can also increase your child’s capacity to absorb and retain information they learn in this relaxed state.

First of all, ask your child to make the connection …

  1. With a finger on their right hand very, very gently touch their left 3rd finger and run their right finger up their left arm.
  2. Then ask your child to repeat this action with their eyes closed. Lastly while their eyes are still closed, tell your child to imagine a feather going up their arm just where their finger has gone.
  3. Once your child has made this connection, you do not have to repeat the process above again.

Secondly, creating feelings of safety, being loved and special helps all children and especially Helps children with hyperactivity and ADHD – as described in the video.

Finally, the exercise:

(This is a short transcript from the video:)

  • Say to your child, now when you are sitting comfortably, close your eyes or look down and now you are going to take these imaginary feathers for a walk up your body. Imagine a feather on each big toe that goes to your ankles and to your knees and to your sitting bones. One feather goes up your spine and the other goes up your tummy and chest, and let your shoulders relax. The feathers go down your arms to your hands and fingers, back up your arms, over your head to your eyes, nose, mouth and jaw.
    Imagine you have a beautiful colourful balloon or your favourite toy in your left hand.
  • You say to your child, imagine having a great time doing… what they have chosen to make them feel safe, loved, special and good at, one by one and ask your child to ”Put those great feelings into your imaginary, colourful balloon or (toy).”
  • Bring the imaginary balloon or toy closer, hug the balloon and let those good feelings go into your tummy down to your toes and to the top of your head. Then ask your child to attach those good feelings to their thumb and index finger of their left hand and give those fingers a gentle squeeze…
  • Then say “Next time you need nice feelings during the day, just give your thumb and index finger a gentle squeeze to feel those positive feelings and if you are not going to sleep now, take a deep breath, stretch and open your eyes.”
  • You can record this exercise on your child’s mobile phone if it is easier or your child can also record their own relaxation exercise on their phone following the process above. Your older child can say the exercise, under their breath to themselves if they prefer. Watch and see how much this exercise de-stresses and build your child’s self- confidence. Try it for yourself as well.