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Soothing Breathing for Speedy Relaxation


Soothing Breathing. Slow, deep breathing has a calming, settling effect on children.

Ask your children to gently place one hand just above their tummy,  then take a deep breath in through their nose and out through their mouth slowly, feeling their tummy expand and then deflate. Repeating  this three times.

Your child takes their hands off their tummy. As they continue to take slow deep breaths, ask your child to imagine and hug something or someone they feel safe with. Say “Imagine them spending time with you doing something you want to do, saying positive things to you about you. Imagine your choice making you something like a special card, baking you your favourite treat and giving it to you.” This makes you feel cosy and warm.

Then ask your child to put their imaginary choice down in front of them or wave goodbye to their imaginary favourite person and to open their eyes if they have closed them.

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