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August 26, 2017
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Sugar Free Snacks, Gluten Free Snacks.

For those of us who have to keep to a low sugar diet, there is an App called Sugar Smart Change4Life Be Food Smart. You can download Sugar Smart and point your phone at the bar-code of a product and it will tell you how much sugar that product contains.


I am always surprised at how much hidden sugar there is added to many of the foods we eat and soft drinks we imbibe.


For years I have looked at labels as one of my children is glucose-galactose intolerant.


When you are buying food for restricted sugar and fat diets, try and choose sugars and fats that either have either a green or amber label on those ingredients.


Some of us are gluten intolerant.


Gluten free crumpets are okay for very low sugar diets as are many gluten free loaves of bread and rolls as well.


I find it very difficult to find a gluten free bread that tastes delicious.

The nearest I can get is to take a piece of gluten free bread and make it into Melba toast by toasting it lightly and then slicing it from top to bottom and putting it back in the toaster for a short while only, otherwise this  toast burns.


Most of the gluten free bread has a high fibre content which upsets my stomach, but the genius spicy fruit loaf only has one gram of fibre per slice (under 4g per 100g), I find it very tasty. If I look closely at the label it only contains about two and a half grams of added sugar per 100 grams. The rest of the sugar is in the raisins and currents etc. It is no good however for those on a very low sugar diet.


If gluten needs to be restricted but you can get away with a bit of gluten, I find Sainsbury’s organic corn flakes taste good and also they are very low on added sugar.
I’m going to try and make some gluten free, low sugar pancakes and see whether I can get them to taste delicious.

I hope these few tips will make it easier for either you or your children to be on restricted diets.



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