Izzy’s Easy 5 Minute Sugar-Free Snacks by Elizabeth Harrap, available on Amazon Kindle ASIN: B07BBY8131

We are all short of time, so I have focused on very speedy, easy to make recipes. They only take 5 minutes to prepare. So if you have five minutes to spare, you can make them for you and with your children.

I became interested in healthy, low sugar snacks for children when I had difficulty feeding my older son, Peter, because he is glucose galactose intolerant. This means that Peter can only eat and digest very small quantities of sugar and carbohydrate. All sugars and carbohydrates breakdown into glucose.

In the book, I have labelled each recipe with whatever is applicable to that recipe being no calorie added sugar, milk free, gluten free, egg free and beware contains nuts.

Here is the contents page from the book so you know what kinds of recipes are in the Snack book:


1. Crispy Delights – all crunch, no added fat or salt 10
2. Wizzy, Fizzy Drinks – no calorie added sugar drinks 12
• Lemonade 12
• Orangeade 12
• Iced Tea 14
• Iced Decaffeinated coffee 15
• Iced Chocolate 20
3. Springy Popcorn – no calorie added sugar snacks 23
• Plain Popcorn 23
• Salted Popcorn 25
• Sweet Popcorn 26
• Sweet Popcorn with Cinnamon 28
4. Frozen Gorgeous Grapes –alternative ice lolly 30
• Tango with a Mango 30 & 32
• Munchy Melon 30
• Blueberry Blues 31
• Tomato Icicle 33
• Chilly Cucumber 33
5. Toasted Wheatgerm – contains as much first class protein as a steak – 34
6. Tomato Surprise – vegetables for the day 36 & 40
7. Cool Cucumber- another vegetable for the day 37
8. Panini Delice – contains less bread 42
9. Nutty Ella Flapjacks – to reduce meltdowns 44
10. Jumping Jack Flapjacks – for peanut fans 46
11. Chocolate Soufflé – as a special treat 48
12. Cheesy Adventure – pretend pizza 51
13. Exquisite Almond Biscuits – nutty adventure 53
14. Coconut Crunch – for coconut fans 56
15. Easter Hunt Chocolate – with little sugar 59
16. Fruity Scrambled Eggs – sweet protein shot 61
17. Freeze Cake – sugar free birthday cake 63
18. Start the Day Well – to reduce melt downs 63

About the ingredients I use:

Many of my recipes contain stevia drops. Stevia drops by comparison have zero calorific value. Stevia comes from a South American plant. I have one growing in my kitchen. It has been used for several decades in Japan, but it is fairly new to Europe. Stevia is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, but has no calorific value.

I consider the stevia drops taste far better than stevia which is made into sugar granules. You can buy stevia drops on line, at Whole Foods or Baldwins. If you or your child has a very sweet tooth, just add a few more drops of stevia to the recipe as appropriate.

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