Tips to Help Children Taking Exams

I am surprised at the number of children that I’m seeing at the moment who are already anxious about the exams they will be taking this summer.
Amongst the younger children, they seem to be talking about exams a lot during break time at school.
Some of the older children doing their GCSEs and A-levels this summer are overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do before the exams.
They are having difficulty sorting each subject into groups and subgroups to make the revision more manageable.
They are also having difficulty planning their revision timetable.
If you have children who are taking exams this summer or know of children who are taking them, please look at my previous newsletter on Exam Preparation Advice on Page 2 of the newsletter section. Print it out for them and go through what it recommends with them.

To de-stress, I recommend that you help your child make a relaxation recording of their own. If you and your child look at my video on “How to help your child build their self-confidence and relax.”

Then discuss what your child would like on their audio recording, practice it a couple of times and then record it.
If your child uses the relaxation recording daily it will help build their self-confidence by the time they take their exams.

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